CaCl2 Applications

CaCl2 Applications

CaCl2 Applications

Liquid calcium chloride, or CaCl2, is an inorganic salt mixture that has been purified by removing the water from the brine solution.  There are many CaCl2 applications that benefit so many because this solution is so versatile.  Some of the applications it is used for are:

The Perfect Solution

Whether you are looking to control the dust on the roads or need a better solution for ice control, Liquid Calcium Chloride Sales has a solution for you.  Give us a call today to find out how we can help you find the perfect answer for your situation.  We are well established in the Tri-Cities area of Michigan and love to impart our knowledge of this product to everyone who may benefit from it.

Not Just for Dust!

CaCl2 applications are not only for the outside elements.  Food grade liquid calcium chloride can be used in a variety of ways for food applications.  The food industry uses CaCl2 during the canning process of fruits and vegetables as well as in the processing of dairy foods.  Not only can CaCl2 be used directly during food processing, but it can also be used indirectly as well.  CaCl2 is used during the indirect food application of low-temperature heat-transfer fluid processes in the brewing, dairy and ice cream industries.

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